Having a good maintenance program is important in keeping your MidSouth Tagger operating properly.


Below you will find videos showing step-by-step tips to maintain your tagger.


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Maintenance Overview

Cylinder Maintenance

See how easy it is to break down the MidSouth Tagger for maintenance purposes. Also see some of the best practices and tips to keep your tagger running in top shape.

Learn the best practices to keep the cylinder working perfectly on your MidSouth Tagger.  This video also shows how to install a new cylinder.

Shoulder Bolt Maintenance

Spring Plungers Maintenance

Here you can learn how to keep your MidSouth Tagger working well by following these simple steps to resolve any wear and tear issues on your Shoulder Bolt.

Follow the proper way to install and remove Spring Plungers. As a "wearable" item, at some point you will need to replace these as part of a good maintenance program.

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